Our Mission

Our mission is to help our customers reclaim life through natural healing and healthy living.

Hi, I'm Teri.

I began making homemade bone broth in February of 2016 as part of a natural healing regimen called the GAPS diet. This marked the beginning of the healthiest years of my life, and I developed a passion for making high-quality bone broth for myself and friends. 

I’ve always struggled to stay healthy. I was a colicky baby, and as a child, I was chronically sick with colds and stomach aches. As an adult, I lived with I.B.S, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, rashes, and other autoimmune disorders. My health was a roller coaster with no end in sight. 

Desperate to find solutions to my ailments and after decades of failed methods, I sought out a holistic approach to treat my symptoms in January of 2016.

Dr. Catherine Rupp, at Rupp Holistic Health and Integrative Medicine, taught me the importance of taking care of myself naturally, which has become a new way of life. Most importantly, I was able to finally take control of my health, which has offered me a new experience of day to day living.

I am now dedicated to sharing with others the importance of healing our gut first through healthy living. 

I guarantee my broth to help nourish and comfort your body. Simply enjoying a cup of bone broth each day, along with other natural healing practices, can make a huge difference in your life. 

Teri Juhl-Blackett, Owner